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Banovich Wildscapes Foundation proudly supports the Imvelo Trust: Community & Conservation Projects
Community Rhino Conservation Initiative & Cobras C.W.P.U.

Imvelo recognizes that the fate of people and wildlife are inextricably connected. In recognition of this, their strategy is to develop lodges on the edges of parks or peripheral areas. The reason for this is twofold; firstly, our footprint has less impact on the park, and secondly our development is in conjunction with local communities, rather than central government. For us this is the front line of wildlife conservation.

At the heart of Banovich Art lies a profound commitment to wildlife conservation, with a focus on protecting some of the world's most endangered species. John Banovich, renowned artist and conservationist, is dedicated to leveraging his artistic platform to support meaningful initiatives that safeguard biodiversity. One such initiative close to John's heart is Community Rhino Conservation Initiative—an innovative program aimed at protecting rhino populations and their habitats through community-driven efforts. Recognizing the urgent need to address the escalating threat of poaching and habitat loss.

Through strategic partnerships and philanthropic contributions, John Banovich has played a pivotal role in funding anti-poaching patrols, supporting habitat restoration and relocation projects, and empowering local communities. By investing in education, training, and sustainable livelihoods, John and his team are not only protecting rhinos but also empowering communities to thrive alongside these magnificent creatures.

John Banovich and Banovich Wildscapes Foundation's support for Community Rhino Conservation Initiative extends beyond financial contributions; it is a testament to his unwavering dedication to making a tangible difference in the fight against wildlife crime and habitat destruction. By rallying support from fellow conservationists, art enthusiasts, and concerned citizens alike, John Banovich is striving for a future where communities thrive in harmony with nature.